The Grundy Fire Department seeks to provide a high level of fire protection to the Town and surrounding areas. Additionally, their mission is to save lives and prevent property damage through the best fire protection possible.

The Grundy Fire Department consists of 25 volunteers, one paid fireman and provides emergency response 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The Fire Department operates out of a state-of-the-art facility located at 23824 Riverside Drive, West of Grundy that was completed in 2008.

The State of Virginia provides a classification of fire protection services. The most efficient and comprehensive fire coverage in cities of high intensity development with paid firefighters is Class I. Class II includes smaller cities with less intense development with a paid force. Class III is reserved for incorporated Towns, such as Grundy, or municipalities that provide community protection through a volunteer department. Class IV applies to cities or towns that are incorporated but have no adequate fire department, water supply, or water distribution system.

The adequacy of fire protection in a jurisdiction is determined by comparing fire defense facilities to the standard grading schedule of the Insurance Services Office (ISO). The grades range from 1-10 with a grade of one being the highest attainable score. Fire defense standards are based on criteria such as water supply, equipment, fire prevention, structural adequacy of the building, and building floor area. The Town has a ISO rating of 6 within its service area, and those areas within 1,000 feet of a hydrant. A low ISO Rating indicates a high capability of quality service and is a factor in lower fire insurance rates for the community. The Grundy Fire Department has consistently maintained the Best ISO Rating that is obtainable for a Class III Department.

Volunteer membership is the backbone of the Grundy Fire Department. Volunteers exhibit a high level of pride in their work because they are donating their time and expertise to the community. Volunteer members participate in training, service calls, and emergency responses, in effect leaving less time for personal and family responsibilities. Firefighters volunteer for the opportunity to help those in need.

Training occurs throughout a firefighter's career. The department currently has several certified volunteers in various areas. Areas of certification and/or training include: Certified Fireman; Emergency Vehicle Operation; Fire Instructor; Hazardous Material First Responder; LP Gas Emergencies; and Fire Arson Detection.

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